What can Pacific Pride provide for my business?
-        Convenient access to fuels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
           Sites are clean, covered, and well lit
           Fast, efficient fueling to
minimize employee downtime, save $$$
           Truck accessible
           Trash receptacles and windshield washing stations
           Over 1400 locations nationwide                                
Click here to see a map of Northwestern PA sites
-        Multiple products at each location
           Gasoline (regular and premium grades)
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for model year 2007 and newer vehicles
           Dyed off road fuel at certain locations
           Winterized fuel November thru March
Eliminate unauthorized employee purchases
           Cards work only at authorized Pacific Pride Sites
           Limits can be set on quantity and type of fuels
           Avoid the risk and hassle associated with traditional credit cards in employee hands
                   Prevent unauthorized purchases
                   Prevent theft/fraud
                   Prevent errors in fueling
-        Weekly itemized invoices including:        
           Vehicle and/or driver ID
           Location as well as Date and time fueling occurred
           Odometer Reading and MPG calculations
-        Fuel Tax Exemption (State and Federal tax)
Tax free purchases for exempt agencies

How do I become a Pacific Pride Customer?
-        Complete a Herzog Oil credit application
           Download the application from www.Herzogoil.com
           Call our office to have an application mailed or faxed
-        Upon credit approval        
           Complete a card order form
                   Assign cards to each vehicle or driver, specify limits, etc.
           New cards arrive in approximately one we
Begin using our Nationwide Fueling Network!

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PACIFIC PRIDE Northwestern PA Location Map